Mihir Pathak

Writing and published work

My learning experiences with children (Classroom Experince, Toolkit for facilitation)

Jashn e Taleem (यह ब्लॉग मध्यप्रदेश के होशंगाबाद ज़िल्ले में चल रहे प्रोजेक्ट ‘Holistic Initiative Towards Educational Change’ से जुड़े साथीयो के अनुभव और चिंतन को साझा करने की कोशिश है ।)

Khoj (Resources, Ideas and Inspiration for Gap (Bridge) Year/Alternative Explorations in India!)

Articles in different magazines

Article on Tinkering - Teacher Plus Magazine

Article on Project Based Learning - Sandarbh Magazine

Gamle Mein Jungle by Vinod Kumar Shukla | Book Review

Published poem for children - Man Moji Kabutar

Article on ‘How to develop imagination skill’ - Balmurti Online

Article on ‘Science of learning’ - Mid Day Gujarati

Self Published Books

Silent Zone | Hindi Story

Bilori Kaanch | Gujarati Book - Poems & Essays by Mihir

Kiki & Krisha | Gujarati Story Book 

Collection of earth centric stories - Curation

I like writing poems in gujarati & hindi –> (Instagram Highlight link)

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