Mihir Pathak

Educational Practice

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(Online/offline session with children & Educator)

Work apart from nature education 

Earth Educator Fellowship was life changing experience for me. I learnt a lot from all the mentors and peers during our one year journey. I am using this space to put the list of all my work during that one year.  You can read detailed documentation (photos/videos/notes/etc) here –>  

Work during Earth Educator Fellowship :

(Online / offline sessions with children & educators)


Earth centric story books / research paper / translation work / children’s work

 - क्या जैव विविधता राजनीति विज्ञान की शिक्षक बन सकती है? (IN HINDI)

- क्या प्रकृति समताकारी शिक्षण के लिए सही जगह हो सकती है? (IN HINDI)


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