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Week 16/2024

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15th April 2024

Nature Classroom

Monday me & Nidhi have visited Nature Classrooms (@natureclassrooms) / NCF office. It was long due trip to meet Priyanka, Vena and Nature Classroom team.

We talked about nature education, new ideas and activities for session, translation of existing material and more..

We are actively working on translation of nature education material in Hindi & Gujarati.

Me & Nidhi are planning to move back to Vadodara - Gujarat (my hometown) and do nature education work there.

We got lots of books, posters, pocket guides, games, t-shirts & inspiration from nature classroom team.

Thank you for love & support

See you all at cubbon park on Sunday

16th April 2024

17th April 2024

18th April 2024

19th April 2024

20th April 2024

We kick started our journey of ‘Ecobuddy Summer Program’ with 20 teenage children from Sai’s angel foundation, Vadodara.

The program contains three broad areas :

In the first session, children got connected to their environment through nature walk, nature bingo, nature journaling and tree meditation

Thank you @a_naturalists_column for writing wonderful piece of meditation. We have translated the tree meditation in Hindi and Gujarati.

Thank you @seasonwatch.in , @palluyir_trust , @wipro.earthian for wonderful resources

Thank you @saisangel_ for facilitating it.

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Meeting with Anish bhai

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