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last updated on 4th April 2024

I am in transition phase right now. Me and Nidhi are planing to move to Pune by mid of the April 2024. I got work in alternative school called ‘Anubhuti’ . Nidhi is still giving interviews, she is also looking work opportunity at alternative school.

Why are we moving ?

last year december 2022 I have moved to work in alternative school called BeMe. It was long time wish to work in alternative school. I have worked on my dream projects during my days in BeMe.

I spent time with Nidhi. Met old online friends in bangalore, attended workshops and events and more. Nidhi didn’t like her job so she left it in 3 monhs. From last 6 months she is doing some personal projects. After a year in banagalore we both felt that we should move near to our hometown so we can meet our families frequently.

First we thought let’s go to hoshangabad - MP and work at eklavya’s maholla learning centers. We some how managed the grants for that but we felt that working with children for 1 - 2 hours in week will not satisfy us. we want long term engagement with children so that we can do nature education project with them. During this time the person who promised the grant stoped responding. Back to squre one..

so finally we have concluded that we want to work in alternative school. That is the open option right now. We decided that pune is good option. Which is near to our hometown, alternative schools are there, our friends are there. We can find workplaces near by…

I shared my thoughts with BeMe team that I want to leave. They understood my situation and supported my decission. I have shared with children and other faculties about this in daily meeting and promised that I will visit beme once in year.

What next ?

I am trying to coordinate place and other stuff for enegment. Communicating with parents and planning everything from search is quite a project :)

What other projects I am involved in right now

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