Mihir Pathak

Week 23/2024

· Mihir Pathak

From 1st June to 8th June

  1. Pratham is a big org. Culture of the org feels more corporate (I worked at eklavya and BeMe. Nobody can bit that culture)
  2. work of developing content sometimes feels meaningless and espacially when you are working on some CSR project whcih is demanding a specific kind of content which is not alligned with your thought process.
  3. Sometimes I am technically not skilled enough to develop content using AI tools. Young people in my team use AI like a pro. I sometimes run out of learning new skills and hold on to what I already know.
  4. I mostly worked in small teams. Worked directly with the founder or team leads. where people know my skills and they value it. Give recongtion. Here I am one of hundrads. so I am feeling unreconigiesd. not feeling part of the larger thing, not feeling belogingness. I don’t know this is good or bad but it is happening that much I know
  5. also I feel that : do I really invest my energy in content development work or directly work with children but with clear vision and goals.

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