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Week 13/2024

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This week was happening. It was an emotional roller coaster ride for me. I was in constant stress about Nidhi’s Job and overall decision of moving to pune. We will be able to survive or not. Choosing alternative school to work means low salary, long working hours.. Are we taking the right step? or should we leave our passion and just join a high paying opportunity ? Will we be able to find an affordable house or not..

On the other side communication - coordination with parents about engagement planning is going on. They are not happy that we are moving to pune without any financial security.

Yesterday Nidhi went to Pune for interviews and visited a few alternative schools. I am praying, hoping something will work out. Over friend Nirmala is getting enage on 12th so we are planning if we can attend the function while coming back from Pune.


—> Review meetings at BeMe (25th to 28th March 2024)

—> Holi (26th March 2024)


—> Dinner at Aditya’s Place (27th March 2024)

—> Meeting with Anand Chitipothu (28th March 2024)

Meeting with Anand

After I redescoverd about Aaron Swartz recently I was remembering other techies in this ethos. I remembered Anand’s website because of its unique name ‘anandology’. I visited his website and surprisingly I found that he worked with Aaron on an infogami, Open library project and he contributed to the Web.py framework.  I immediately emailed him that I want to meet you. He promptly replied and we met.

I was part of a python elective course on python at beme. And I have been exploring scratch since 2013. so I wanted to talk about teaching programming to children. I wanted to talk about his work with aaron and open source world in general

- Teaching Programming to children  

What we have talked :  

- Introducing concept of FOSS to children

- Internet Archive and Aaron Swartz

He shared how he joined Aaron and how he connected him to an internet archive.

- At the end

He shared something called ‘Coldblooded software’ and publishing tool called Quarto

I shared my idea to make a solar powered low tech website and he promised to help me with that :)

—> Call with Ashwathi (28th March 2024)

Ashwathi joined youcan recently. She is helping them to do campaigning for new cohort launch of earth educator fellowship regarding that she is taking interview of Earth educator fellowship alumina and sharing their journey on social media we had 1hr call and I shared all the work I did during one year of fellowship

—> Sleepover at BeMe (29th March 2024)

—> APU Campus Recruitment Process with children (30th March 2024)

—> Interview questions prepared by children


—> Pranav Mistry

—> Music

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