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Week 12/2024

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Developing my personal website

This week I spend lots of time in making - remaking - fixing and adding content to my personal website using hugo server and github pages. I learnt that text editer is importnat part of coding process. first I used sublime text and because of that hugo server was giving some error. I shifted to ubuntu defult text editor and somehow I managed to work. From last few days ubuntu was giving some glitchs on my laptop. specificly about sound and bluetooth. Sound was not coming and bluetooth was not connecting to my boat blootooth speaker. I tried different driver and fixing stuff using ubuntu forums and other websites but no sucess. Finally I re installed ubuntu. Before that I tried using and lots of reading about Manjaro, Pop OS, Fedora.. I installed Pop OS but not satisfied with it, tried Manjaro but I didn’t like KDE. Finally I came back to ubuntu 22. During this process of making website I reserched a lot about :

linux distro

I know these all are rabbit holes, i spent qite a lot of time to read hackernews this week.


that lead me to watching Aaron Swartz’s documetry called ‘Internet’s own boy’. Yes I know I discovered it very late but I was amazed by watching it. it is very very thought provoking. After watching documentry I spent quite a lot of time reading about open data work of thejesh GN and other people. Arvind Gupta is also doing wonderful work of putting educational / children litreture in public domain through his website and using internet archive. I was feeling so happy when I got to know that Aaron contributed in making of ‘Markdown’ and I am using it right now :)

Call with Srishti & Suchakra (23rd March 2024)

On saturday I had 6.30 am call with srishti and suchakra. They shared current status of unstructured studio. They have started something called creative educator series. Doing podcast with artist tinkerers and makers from India. I am glad that they started the series with the interview of dear friend Nikita. They shared about their observation about zubhub as tool and outreach experince.

I shared about our Pune - shifting plan and also shared about that we (me and Nidhi) want to start ’nature educators collective’ they were very happy with that idea. I also invited to be in our feedback forum.

I shared the idea of building solar powered low tech website with suchakra and surprisingly he was also thinking on same lines… and we both stumbelled upon solar.lowtechmagazine.com

How about seeing banaglore (23rd March 2024)


This semster in beme I was part of the team who facilitated the ‘how about seeing banaglore’ elective course. As culmination of the course, we planned small exhibtion where we have designed snake and ladder type of games called “roads and pothole” based on bangalore landmarks. You need to answer the questions about banglore to go forwad in game. our visitors (BeMe parents) enjoyed a lot. This exhibtion will go on till next week.

Foundational Course Meeting (23rd March 2024)

I have attended meeting about ‘developing content for foundational courses’ at beme. Project seems interesting to me. But I am afraid to commit , I think i will not get time to work on it but I am intereted in developing content for 3 to 5 and 7 to 9yrs children. Interdisipinary - language, maths, evs content. I wish if vishal and other team memebers counsults mahendra sir.

Unstruchered Podcast

Impana and satvika want to start their own podcast where they want to interview people who are walking and choosing unstructred path. I am team memeber and their first guest too. I will be helping them in research about guests and whatever I can do remotly. I am exicted about the project.


BeMe Group Photo Sem 2 2024

Watched story telling performance (20th March 2024)

Pippi longstockings

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