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Insights from ASER - Beyond Basics

· Mihir Pathak

Recently I read the ASER ‘Byond Basics’ report. It is all about young adults age 14 to 18yrs

All these questions will give a window to a world of possibilities. How are they using smartphones and for what purpose ? Do they use it for learning ? If not, how can we encourage them to do that?

These all are questions to the window of possibilities. I read the report and some other articles. I am writing some insights which I got reflecting on them. 

Let’s take one scenario : 

You started one youth program where young people join and teach children. Through this program you started one ‘youth adda’ where young people can come freely to talk - hangout. 

Slowly you made genuine friendship with them, now they are open for your ideas and guidance.

You suggested they do one short course on ‘financial literacy’ so they can manage their finances well. Now high quilty content is important.

Youtube is winning because it is no brainer. You don’t need to think to see insta reels or youtube shots. You need brain, motivation and many other factors to see ‘learning content’

Let’s talk about Ankur wariku. He is making videos on financial literacy. Apart from making videos he is doing insta live with people to help them to learn ‘how to invest in their given salary’

I believe we need to do both things in balance. We need to make our content more engaging and on the other side we need to build an ecosystem around it. 

There are some more insights about vocational training and basic reading and maths 

Which I will write some other time. 

Two very interesting panel discussions : 

Panel Discussion: ASER 2023 ‘Beyond Basics’

Digital access and skills among youth | Evidence from ASER 2023 | ASER Centre & EkStep Foundation

Orgs which inspires me in the field of active citizenship and work with youth : 


Comutiny - Youth Collective

Reap Benfits (Wonderful article - staying-relevant-how-organisations-can-support-todays-youth/)

Shaje Sapne 

Aagaz thetare


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