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I never bought a new laptop

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I have never bought new laptop in my life. I had P4 computer at home around 2008 - 9 After that when I dropped out of school and started working in different organisation, people helped me with their old laptops.

My first laptop was Asuse eee pc. I was using it with Ubuntu & openSUSE later on..

Asuse eee pc

Asuse eee pc with makey makey circuit

I remember going to Jigish Bhai’s office and making live USB boot for openSUSE Linux distro. That was my first introduction to open source & free software world. My mama Nirmal Pathak is fedora contributor. I remember reading Kartik Bhai’s blog about debian & Wikipedia. Doing wikipedia meetup at goraj muni seva ashram.

samyak bhai introduced me to markdown, git and world of developer :)

When I went to dharampur few friends donated 2 - 3 laptops for our school.

All the laptop were very old, their parts stopped working one by one (like screen, keyboard, battery, etc) accept Samsung (silver) one. When I went to Bhuj one visitor at our school gifted old macbook air 2013 model. It was in pretty good condition. I swapped samsung silver with that and started using it.

Since then I am using it as my primary machine. Writing, web browsing, teaching MIT Scratch to children, many other tinkering.. I changed the battery few months ago.

Macbook Air 2013 ( Macbook Air 2013 )

In 2021 Srishti gifted her old macbook air to me. I was using it with children on and off. When Nidhi needed laptop I gave it her. But unfortunately battery of that machine got swelled like balloon. It is difficult to open the body and change it.

Now I gave my macbook air to her and decided to buy new - refurbished laptop.

After some research 2 friends suggested to check out the work of Abhas Abhinav founder of Mostly harmless computers. He is FOSS enthusiast - activist - technologist - hardware hacker - geek. He runs a libretech.shop - a ethical source for libre and liberated hardware products.

I visited his office. It was nostalgia for me to dive in to the world of FOSS again. This time Nidhi was also there. I was happy to introduce her to this philosophy..

Abhas bhai gifted me a book called ‘code swaraj’ which is in my reading list.

Code Swaraj

he also gifted mostlly harmless USB dive with around 13 type of linux distro

Thinkpad X1 Carbon

From his recommendation I met Ved who runs refurbished laptop shop in banaswadi. After so much of comparing and testing I finally bought refurbished Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen (Intel i7 8th Gen, 16GB RAM, 512 HDD)

Thinkpad X1 Carbon

My criteria was

Thinkpad X1C is not true for all criteria. Number 1 yes, 2 no , 3 big yes, 4 yes, 5 yes - linux can run very nicely but the bios is not free you can’t do core boot. You can’t upgrade RAM. But solution I am thinking is after 5 - 6 years of usage I can again sell it to refurbished shop and upgrade the machine.

Tjesh GN, Aditya, Kartik bhai, Nirmal bhai and Suchakra helped a lot take the disison. Thank you so much.

So welcome to family - Thinkpad X1 Carbon - 2nd March 2024

During this process I read a lot about FOSS and again visited Kartik bhai & Thejesh’s blog. I amazed with the power of community in FOSS and really wish to see that in education sector.

more about Abhas bhai / mostly harmless


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