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Database of Inspirational Organizations

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Here is your list of organizations working in youth development, life skills, active citizenship, civic-environment problem solving, self-directed learning, student agency, project-based learning, and vocational training, formatted in Markdown:

Database of Inspirational Organizations

1. Pravah

Focuses on nurturing leadership and social responsibility among youth.

2. ComMutiny - The Youth Collective

Aims to create a supportive ecosystem for youth-led social change.

3. Reap Benefit

Engages young people in solving local civic and environmental issues.

4. Udhyam Learning Foundation

Promotes entrepreneurial and career skills among students and young adults.

5. Land a Hand India

Provides vocational training and career guidance to school students.

6. Synergy Sansthan

Works towards youth empowerment and community development.

7. Project DEFY

Empowers communities to create their own learning spaces called Nooks.

8. Kranti

Supports girls from marginalized backgrounds to become agents of social change.

9. Manzil

An educational center that provides supplementary learning and creative opportunities to underprivileged youth.

10. Creativity Adda

Encourages creative learning and expression among children and youth.

11. Swaraj University

Focuses on self-designed learning paths for students seeking alternative education.

12. Dream a Dream

Provides life skills and empowerment programs for disadvantaged children and youth.

13. City as Lab

Engages students in city-based projects to learn about urban issues and solutions.

14. Young Climate Authors

Encourages youth to write and advocate for climate action.

15. Involve Edu

Works to transform education by involving senior students in teaching their juniors.

16. Eklavya Foundation - Chakmak Club

Promotes quality education and literacy in rural India.

17. Eklavya India Foundation

Focuses on educational innovation and community empowerment.

18. Traveler University

Aims to provide experiential and community-based learning opportunities.

19. Sahje Sapne

Empowers rural young women through education and skill-building programs.

20. Oasis Valley, Chanod

Provides transformative learning experiences in a natural setting.

21. Navgurukulam

Focuses on providing free education and skill development to underprivileged youth.

22. Restless Development

A youth-led development agency working globally to empower young people.

23. Video Volunteers

Trains community members to create and share videos about social issues.


Collaborates on research and development in biology education.

Feel free to explore these organizations for more information and inspiration in the field of youth development and education.


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